Can I make a living playing games?

Can you make a living playing video games? The simple answer is yes. You can make a living playing games but there are certain aspects involved that you should be aware of. Years ago this would have sounded like a silly question because nobody would have thought it was possible to make money from playing games. But times have changed and the internet has made some entertainment focused activities profitable.

People no longer rely on the conventional means of making money by going to school, getting a degree, and then looking for a good job. A lot of people are learning to become independent and self-employed instead, especially in the time of COVID-19. A lot of young people are now turning their passion into profit and one of the ways of doing that is by playing video games.

It sounds exciting and almost too real to be true but a lot of people are making money playing video games and some even do with full-time jobs. The game industry generates over 100 billion dollars every year which shows that it is a big industry and a lot of people are making money from it.

You can decide to have a full-time career playing games and become a professional. You can make more money that way by dedicating your time to become better. There are two major ways to make money playing games. You can either make money competing in Esport or through live streaming.

Esport is a form of gaming competition between individuals of different groups of people that form a team at a professional level. This is played at a well-organized venue where people can come to watch them play. Players can win amounts exceeding a million dollars from competitions such as the DOTA 2 championship, etc. To make enough money in esport you need to join a team. Most times you don’t need to search for a team they will always look for you if you are good and consistent. You’ve got to be good.

The other way to make a living playing video game is through live streaming. A lot of gamers use platforms like YouTube and Twitch to upload their video. Millions of people watch videos of people playing games each month. This means that there is huge potential in making money this way. Top streamers can make over $300,000 every year. PewDiePie, a famous YouTube celebrity is said to make an average of $400,000 monthly from his YouTube channel streaming video games.

Although it is possible to make money playing video games I wouldn’t want to make it sound too simple. It is fun playing the game but it‘s more than just casual gaming if you want to make money or turn gaming into your full time job. You have to treat it like a real business which means you have to work very hard.

Study what other people who are making money already are doing. See if it is something you are willing to go into fulltime before you start. You must be consistent once you start if you want to make money. You must take it seriously and be willing to generate content on a regular basis.

You may need to invest some money in buying the needed equipment. If you want to stream you will need a good camera, a microphone, and lightning to record good video. You will need more than one computer as well. One will be for playing the game while the other one will be for streaming the game.

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